Friday, 26 March 2010

Taksaalis & So Called Nihangs Attack Gurdwara In Southall

Thugs led by Taksaalis/Nihangs led by Navjeet Singh of Buddha Dal Bhang Fauja of RSS led a protest outside Miri Piri Gurdwara Sahib in Southall London UK 19 March 2010.The protest was supposedly against Prof Darshan Singh who was apparently ment to appear at the Gurdwara on a private visit,but was not present there on the day

Inside of Gurdwara Miri-Piri - Scattered and confused congregation

Hundereds of protesting Taksaal Nihang Bhangis Gather at Gurdwara Miri-Piri in Southall, London

The bhangi fauj which gathered in Southall backed by family members shut down one area of the Southall High Street and began to block footpaths and roads while shouting swear words.Riot police had gathered to control the crowd who had in the end gathered for no reason as Prof Darshan Singh did not appear.It is a matter of Shame that this incident led to beadbi of Guru Granth Sahib Ji with bricks being lobed at the Gurdwara windows - an attack on the Gurdwara by Thakur Panthis and Bhang Fauja of Taksaal.Members of BOSS UK,Buddha Dal,Taksaal - Thakur Panth,Sikh Federation UK Gill and Chors,and mislead youth were all encouraging each other to raid Miri Piri Sahib Gurdwara and occupy it,This caused huge disruption to everyone in the local vicinity and disrupted Public Transport as well as strained law enforcement agencies like the Police who had to close the High St off for fear of violence.Akaash Radios Sukhwinder Singh Sukhi and famous chugli banda and stirer of problems was cashing in on the situation by broadcasting a live feed of the events claiming a Panthic Victory.Smashing a Gurdwara when no one was inside is not a Panthic Victory but a sham for the Sikh Community by these thugs who claim to represent Sri Akal Takht Sahib Ji.

One local who we cannot name contacted our associates and sent us the following statement

''gurfateh, i would like to express my disgust at these so called Sikhs for embarrasing and shaming the Sikhs in Southall by causing commotion for no reason.They claimed they gathered to protest against ragi darshan but i don't give s**t why they came from their s**tholes half of them were not even local and came from birmingham and outer london areas.i was with my mother and their were rumours someone was murdered and that there was a bomb in the gurdwara but as we got closer we saw our own Sikhs pushing the gates trying to get in and using words like pehnchoud kutha while swearing at other sikhs inside.all of a sudden loads of police cars and vans appeared and more came during the hours from 6 - 9 even riot police came.these shameful rogue sikhs were shouting bole so nihal than swearing my mother asked what is happening and why the commontion and swearing one youngster said prof darshan singh is inside we decided to investigate and asked around ,we spoke to a sevadar from inside on the phone who said there is no prof darshan here and that they want to come inside to attack and take over we were shocked by this time the noise got louder and local sikhs had gathered to see what was happening then we heard glass smash and saw objects in the dark being thrown over the gurdwara fence the gates were also being shaken .i was shocked that our own were smashing a gurdwara.i rang home and my father told me akash radios sukhwinder sukhi was doing a live show on the issue over the phone and making a thamasha out it all as if it was a now the police barraceded the gurdwara and shut the roads down,i counted 19 buses which could not pass and had parked on the side of the roads all the public seemed annoyed and angry while these stupid idiots from birmingham dressed in nihangs bana were romaing around with covered faces as if they had made a victory,eventually it all died down and everyone went home the next day we went to see the gurdwara the gates were damaged window on langar was broken and i saw debris on the carpark floor.

i want to ask prof guy wasnt there so why throw bricks i dont care about the prof dude of anything but these idiots cased major bezthi to us sikhs in london in front of the police by attacking a gurdwara yet they claim to be amritdaris and all holy there just idiots i say and need to be exposed ''