Thursday, 7 January 2010

Tale of Chapl Kala

Chritar Two Hundred and two
Tale of Chapl Kala
Uggar Singh was a Raja who ruled over the country of Kaskar.
He had a lot of wealth and marched with a great army.(l)
Chapal Kala was the name of her pretty daughter.
Her beauty made her to look like the goddess of love.(2)
One day she came across Ainthi Singh, the handsome one,
And, blissfully, she made love with him.(3)
Everyday she would revel with him and she was unable to let him go.
She had kept him in a house; no body had the knowledge of this.( 4)
After sometimes she was married and her husband came to take her
She made love with him and slept with him quietly.(5)
The woman was not satisfied with him and, leaving him, she went to
her paramour.
The friend received her and relished in love making for long time.(6)
What if one is powerful, but cannot gratify in sex,
Neither he gets comfort himself nor can he satisfy the woman.(7)
The person who can satisfy a woman and takes long time in love
He gets happiness and provides exhilaration to the woman.(8)
Otherwise, how much strong he may be, the woman is not fascinated.
He, who takes excessive time in love making, he wins the heart of
Cuddling and embracing she grabbed the friend,
And voice of smooching, made the husband to awake.(l0)
They were revelling so intensely that no one else could do it.
Being tired both, the man and the woman, went into slumber.(11)
Thus, when the woman went into sleep with her paramour, then the
husband saw them.
He clutched their hair like putting hand in the pile of snakes.(l2)
He thrust the English dagger on his throat,
And he pressed it so much that it went right through.(l3)
With the dagger, paramour was injured but did not tell his wife.
When the warm blood touched her, then she got up in rage.(l4)
She took the dagger and put through her husband’s ear.
She plundered his body like a goat, and there, after putting the house
on fire, she came out shouting.(l5)
‘My husband has abandoned the living and has become an ascetic.
‘Putting his house on fire, he has gone away.(l6)
‘Please, conduct some remedy and search for him in the jungle.
‘I will never even take a sip of water, and without meeting him, I will die.(l7)
All the people went to the jungle to search for him,
And told her that her husband was not found anywhere.
They all came and told her to keep calm,
But the innocent people did not know that he was dead.(l8)(l)

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