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Short Talk On Taksaal - Thakur

Short Talk On Taksaal

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The above video talks about how Akouthi Saad Dhumma lied alongside the great lier Thakur Singh a so called Karaj Khari Mukhi of the Damdami Taksaal.Thakur Singh lied till the day he died and his band of confused cult followers continue to this day to propagate that Sant Jarnail Singh is still alive and well.The Taksaal for 21 years lied to the Sikh Koum, they say that Sant Jarnail Singh ran away and is still in hiding,well it is a well known fact that his actual body was found and he became a Shaheed and gave his Kurbani on June 6th 1984 outside the Akal Thak after the Indian Army stromed the Harmandir Sahib Complex.At one time Thakur Singh openly said ' Those that say Sant Jarnail Singh is Shaheed, 'ouhdee javan vich keereh peangeh'.

The question now arises of how much longer will the Taksaal continue to carry on Thakurs lies and deciet ,Sant Jarnail Singh will not return he is Shaheed but nowadays we see in places like Canada,USA, and UK that Sikh youths are being sucked in to a type of cult in which they are told that 'Thakur Singh has said Sant Jarnail Singh is alive and he will return', is this what the Taksaal does teach lies to the future Sikhs of this world?

The video also shows how Fanatical followers of Thakur Singh and his Taksaal openly cause violence and carnage in a Diwan hall of a Gurdwara when they hear that Thakur Singh has lied for over 21 years and that the lies continue today.

Many followers have even opnely declared that Thakur is the actual form of God 'Akaal Roop' in their baris this year and in other Sikh events, firstly Thakur Singh is not God as they see him, only Guru Granth Sahib is our Guru the followers of Thakur Seem to have elevated him to a status of a cult Guru .Secondly Sant Jarnail Singh who was a simple man gave his life up ,but they deny this and if looked at from an open view this terms him to be a coward as Thakur says he ran away, does this mean that Thakur Singh and his followers put their own views and lies before that of Shaheeds?

Taksaal Promotion of Dasam Granth

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