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Statement by Sevadar‏ On Recent Incidents


In recent weeks it has come to light that prominent members of Boss, an Organisation which claims to represent Sikh Students in the UK has been accused of engaging in Homosexual activities. It has come as a great surprise that the people that claim to promote the Philosophy of the world renowned Damdami Taksal. Boss has high jacked the name of Damdami Taksal to which point the Taksal which was started by Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji himself has been left discredited and maligned in controversies which have nothing to do with the elder Taksal members.

But Boss has forced its distraught views to misrepresent and abuse Damdami Taksal, views which are considered contradictory, defaming and ludicrous by the Sikh masses.
Whilst Sikhism preaches the notion of “live and let live” Sikhism is also adamant that Sikhs should be householders and marry to have children and lead a family lifestyle alongside their Spiritual journey. But Boss has been found to be contradicting this very basic principal of a Sikh’s life with its own senior members engaging in Homosexual activities and justifying and promoting Homosexual relationships.

Over the last five years there were rumours of Sikh girls being harassed at a camp that was run under the name of “Sikh Student Camp” which was organised by Ex-Boss members but it has now come to light that homosexual activities and homosexual relationships have been justified and encouraged at “Sikhi Camp” aka BOSS Camp!

This allegation has risen to the surface after some campers who only agreed to talk about their experiences at the BOSS Camp on the pre-condition that their names would not be made public.
Furthermore, a renowned and well known Youth Speaker, Bhai Sukha Singh was attacked by eight Boss members in Oldbury, West Midlands after he was invited to a restaurant in confidence, unaware of the fact that these people he thought were his friends and Sikh brothers had already planned to launch a savage attack on him. Consequently, a police case has been registered and there it is reported that a case of “attempt to murder” has be registered against the accused.

Sukha Singh was left hospitalised of five days and had numerous stitches and metal plates put in his mouth, just going to show the severity of the attack as well as the intent.
The reason for the attack was to hide the happenings that went on at Boss Camp as Sukha Singh was one of many invited speakers at the camp and it was brought to his noticed, what went on at the camp. It is thought that Boss members conspired to keep Sukha Singh quite by taking his life as was apparently discussed by Boss members at Tividale Gurdwara (Boss stronghold) also in the West Midlands.

Parents should be alert and aware of which camps and events their children are attending as such anti-Sikh activities cannot be allowed to continue and should be given a firm rebuttal by the Sikh community so that the future of our Children can be saved from being ruined at the hands of such organisations.

Our view:

Speaking on the phone to sevadars we were told :
''Anal Sex was practised by those at BOSS Camp,which led to severe bleeding in the buttocks of one of the manmukhs who was engaged in performing this act,this leaves no doubt that they probably read the tale of Baaj Mati from Dasam Granth, and just reinacted it''

Sevadars inspected the rucksack of the Thakur Panthi involved in this anal act ,Singhs found an edition of Attitude magazine - which is apprenlty the UK's best selling gay magazine.Make no doubt that this magazine was explicit and pornographic to such a sickeng extent that Sevadars who saw it were left speechless.

A Singhni who was present called Jeevan Kaur Khalsa was very very shocked to the extent that she nearly fainted and had to be physically supported by Sevadars who gave her water.She was disgusted at this perverted Manmukh who bought this magazine.Its no wonder they had a shower together as sharing is bar of soap is traditional amongst this manmukhs

Another sevadar called Baljit Singh informed us that Sukha Singh himself was involved in this homosexual act of anal sex:

''When questioned on their anal sex acts Sukha apparently replied this is how we do things at Buddha Dal''

Now we at Singh Sabha International do not know if Sukha Singh endorsed this as he seems to be the victim here,only time will tell

Allegations of those who have been to this camp also include using one bar of soap for a shower with 2 or even 3 males at one time,Girls and Boys are kept far apart and the camp is always tense incase the older members reject to anything that is seen to be out of 'maryada'.Well they should 1st understand that anal sex at Sikhi camps is not only disgusting it is nowhere in maryada of Sri Akal Takht Sahib and neither is showering or kissing men/boys.We hope common Sikhi Sense prevails and they get their acts together!

stuff being taught at Boss camp
Chritar One hundred and thirty-four
Tale of Baaj Mati


Sabhak Singh had been a great king and Baaj Mati was his pretty wife.
Raja was not shy; with all the females he played love games.(1)
Any woman who would not consent, he used to get her kidnapped.
He would have plenty oflove play and never cared about his Rani.(2)
Baaj Mati always felt very remorse but Sabhak Singh remained careless.
Once Rani played a trick and prevented Raja from his inauspicious
Whenever she saw a beautiful woman, she would go to Sabhak Singh
and tell him,
‘You, Raja, call that woman and make love with her.’(4)
Acquiescing to this Raja would get that woman,
And whom so ever that Rani praised, Raja would play with her.(5)
‘What do I lose in this (action of procuring the women)?
I imagine I am engaging Raja myself.
‘Whatever action provides enjoyment to Raja, I honour it.’(6)
Once the Rani met a handsome man whose wife she introduced to
the Raja.
Then she incited the man that his wife was revelling with the Raja,
and taunted him of having no shame.(7)


Herself, she made love with him and felt relieved.
Then she talked to that man like this,(8)


‘What has happened to your honour? Your wife goes to Raja.
‘The wife, who revels in sex with another man, is reproved.’(9)


First she had made love with him to her full satisfaction,
And then, to infuriate him, she spoke thus,(10)


‘Raja invited your wife and, then, sexually relished sex with her.
‘You should die in shame or why don’t you burn yourself for this


‘Either you take revenge from the Raja,
‘Or you run away to the mountains and bury yourself in snow.’(12)


‘Dear Rani, whatever you say, I will abide by and I will not dread
Sabhak Singh.
‘He has disrupted my house, I will make love with his wife too.(13)


‘You bring in some hair-removing powder and then disguise yourself
as a woman.
‘When Raja will see you, he will surely be taken over by the
The powder removed all his hair and the he adorned ornaments
He went, showed himself to the Raja, and he was totally infatualed.(15)
As soon as he saw him, he came running to the Rani’s palace,
And said, ‘I have seen here a woman, as pretty as goddess Parbati.(I6)
‘If you let her meet me, I will do for you whatever you say.’
Rani was overjoyed to hear that she would get whatever she wanted. (17)
Rani came to her chambers and introduced her friend to Raja.
When Raja commenced caressing him, he clutched him and nabbed
him down.(I8)
Holding him by his arms, he ravaged him with annul sex.
He tore him to bleed and the Raja felt extremely ashamed of


With annul sex; Raja had felt himself much humiliated,
And from then on abandoned ruining the virtuosity of other’s

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