Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Taksaal Followers Apparently Shower Together In UK

Outrage has been expressed by Sikhs in the UK regarding an incident in which 2 Taksaal Chele,Takhur Panthis were caught naked in a bathroom shower together.Witnesses reported the following:

'' i heard noises and went upstairs while at i was at their house to my surprise both were naked and only god knows what was going on lollll!'but seriously comee on dude! we're supposed to be singhs not gays,not sure who the singhs were but harj told me it was tanvir from hayes with another dude called manvir''


Hugely popular with the Youth Sukha Singh' Akali' apprently put his hand down in between the legs of one of the Thakur Panthis in bed before the shower incident occured, some say Sukha was threatened and apprently beaten to keep his mouth shut.Up till now it seems Sukha Singh has not said a word!But people within the Taksaal Thakur Panth have themselves leaked this news out to various Singhs on email.

On a previous occasion two Thakur Panthis were caught by members of the AKJ Jatha in the car park of Bedford Gurdwara Sahib UK apprenlty hugging but as the Singhs got closer it was very clear that they were in an embrace and were actually locking lips!


Sukha Singh 'Akali' who changes Jatha like the seasons one min a Neo Nihang,then Taksal,then Nanaksar,then AKJ, and now a lost man who has homosexulity tendencies alongside Thakur Panthis Dasam Granth worshippers.

Homosexuality is prohibited in Sikhi,Gurus have taught us to live a gristhi jeevan by marrying a woman and having children with her who are bought up as Sikhs.These Sant trends recently of not marrying and being celibate like Christian Priests have led to the rise in being Gay at certain Deras and even abuse of Children.

Singh Sahib named Gursevak Singh from Ilford has voiced concern on this issue with sevadars in the UK Bhai Sahib is heavily involved in youth activity and has seen an increase in the propogation of Dasam Granth which has homosexuality themes and just as you take Hukamnama from SGGS Ji these Thakur Panthis take Hukam from Dasam Granth and re inact it

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